Who We Are & What We Value
The better team has been united together by their mutual passion for health and wellness and by achieving these aims with a major focus on sustainability. We offer  small batch, scientifically designed products with zero fillers or artificial ingredients to ensure that you are getting only the purest most bioavailable products. Our quality standards aim to fulfill the needs for people who are looking for something as simple, pure and scientifically sound as possible. 
Backed by Science - Vegan - Sustainable - Transparent - Small Batch - No Fillers 


How the Founder Use Their Magnesium

Colleen Evening

Shannon Day

JR Day


Uses every night before bed to ensure she has an uninterrupted restful nights sleep. Uses mid day to help keep the momentum going while teaching her high school students. Uses every day after his morning run or workout to help with muscle recovery. Uses every morning as he starts the day to keep the daily stresses at bay.